Custom Pet Portrait

My drawings are highly detailed and are created using pastel pencils on high quality Pastelmat. 
I think the most difficult part is choosing the photo of your pet, a good quality photo really does make a difference to the detail in the drawing.
I recommend choosing a high quality photo taken in good lighting, this can make a big difference to the drawing. An easy way to check is can you zoom in on the photo and see each individual hair or fur? if so then great!!
feel free to send me a selection of photos and I can help you choose.
Please email your photo/s to me via the contact page or below
For more pets or a different size, please contact me for a quote.
 Paper Size  1 subject 2 Subjects 3 Subjects
18 x 24cm $190 n/a
24 x 30cm $240 $280 $315
35 x 50cm $290 $350 $380
23 x 30cms
50 x 35cms